Welcome to our website! We are currently meeting at Sutton Road, Northway, Oxford, OX3 9RB on Sunday mornings at 11am. We are also meeting in small groups around the county, on Tuesday evenings. Find out about other events and stay up to date with the latest using our calendar on this site or by downloading our app:


If you would like to find out more information, email us: info@riversoflife.org.uk

A Diverse Family

Rivers of Life is a vibrant church that meets in an Oxford neighbourhood called Marston. We believe that church isn’t a building that people travel to once a week, neither is it an activity that takes place every Sunday morning; the church is a family made up of people that believe in Jesus and follow him.

We are a family of mixed nationalities and age groups from different neighbourhoods in our city and we would love to see you among us too.

To find out what we believe in more detail, here is our statement of faith.