Together We Stand

Rivers of Life Oxford is firm in changing the city for Christ, starting with our neighbours.  We are active in our community with various events such as Prayer Breakfast and the New Marston Hub, introducing the community to each other, and building the neighbourhood up with traditional, long lasting values.

To enable this to happen there are people and teams all across the nation pushing this common vision. All this requires time, investment and application of the gifts God has given to each of us.

Christians often live in the same neighbourhood without ever knowing each other. Streetprayer’s main goal is to help them find one other, spend time together in fellowship, praise and prayer, and encourage neighbours to join in.

Streetprayer began in 2007 when teams visited every house on Edgeway Road Marston and invited everyone to a prayer breakfast. Twenty people came and the seed planted has since grown to neighbouring streets and beyond.

This is an annual bring and share event where we attempt to connect neighbours in and near Marston. There is a buffet, local entertainment, finding out about local charities, home grown produce, etc. The event ends with community singing.

This is another Hub annual bring and share event which began in 2010 and draws in many neighbours who don’t normally go to church.

This is a bi-annual open air celebration event which draws together thousands of Christians from many congregations across the city. The purpose is to “declare together the praises Him who called us out of darkness into His marvellous light” to declare truth and to pray for our city. We also believe Jesus’ prayer for His disciples and those who would believe through their word: “that they May be brought to complete unity – so that the world may believe